Xkcd awkward dating age

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Xkcd awkward dating age

(It might take a few seconds to load.) For the occasions when you need to quickly calculate whether pursuing a person of a particular age would be objectionable, here are the formulas: So according to this, I could date a guy between the ages of 21 and 42. My preferred minimum would be around 25 and maximum around 38, but for a rule of thumb, the calculations don’t seem too far off.

However, the older we get, the calculations start getting outrageous: You can read more here. For anyone interested in learning how I built this app, here’s the code.

As much as being a tall woman may seem like a glorious thing, that kind of glory really caps out around 5'10" or so.

When you cruise up over 6 feet, it starts to go in the other direction.

Since coming to this realization, I have spent the last couple of days attempting to reason myself into the idea of dating shorter men, or at least being willing to consider it. As much as I love being tall (most of the time), it has provided me many challenges in life, and has become a very defining characteristic for me.

Here are a few of the key arguments for why this would be a good idea for me to take for a test drive. Dating has certainly been one of the biggest hurdles.

I don't want to be a mentor or father to my SO.After months of speculation, in October , Kardashian confirmed through his Twitter account that he and singer Rita Ora were dating.In December , it was revealed that their relationship had ended.Kardashian was almost eliminated in the fourth week. Kardashian was one of the final judges of Miss USA USC's Gould School of Law , however, denied this, and stated via its Twitter account that Kardashian had not even applied to the school.During the season, Kardashian became the most improved dancer,[ citation needed ] advancing with his partner Cheryl Burke to the finals, her fifth time doing so. Its follows Kardashian's relationship with model Blac Chyna as they prepare to welcome their first child.

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