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These, Telkom believes, will serve towards strengthening its core business. The main difference between BEPS and HEPS is increased profit from the sale of property recorded during the twelve months to 31 March 2016.31 March 2015 As previously reported (cents) and Expected 31 March 2016Basic earnings per share *Reported -- 607.7; 20%-30% lower; 122 to 183 cps lower*Normalised -- 584.1 30%-40% higher; 175 to 233 cps higher Headline earnings per share31 March 2015 As previously reported (cents) and Expected 31 March 2016 *Reported -- 597.9; 40%-50% lower; 239 to 299 cps lower*Normalised -- 574.3; 10%-20% higher; 58 to 115 cps higher The above earnings guidance includes the performance of Business Connexion (BCX), which has been incorporated for seven months.A relentless focus on customer service will also always be part of its strategy, as will implementing the right processes and systems to enable and empower its employees to contribute towards improved customer centricity. The Group's results for the twelve months ended 31 March 2016 will be released on SENS on or about 06 June 2016 with a presentation in Johannesburg on the same day.Telkom's culture shaping programme will play an important part in creating an environment where our people can flourish and give of their best. The presentation will be available for all stakeholders on the Group's website, Telkom released a quarterly trading and operational update for the third quarter ended 31 December 2015.

We remain conservatively geared with a net debt to EBITDA ratio of approximately 0.3 times.Excluding BCX, our operating expenses remained flat as we benefited from our multiyear transformation initiatives.We also made progress on the sale of non-core assets during the quarter.s new joint external auditors for the financial year ending 31 March 2019. s press release on their website: https:// rating-to-Baa3-and-assigns-negative--PR_367769Telkom is currently finalising its annual results for the twelve months ended 31 March 2017, which will be released on the Stock Exchange News Service (? The reported basic earnings per share (BEPS) is expected to increase between 60% and 80%. s rating was revised, or if a significant improvement in the company? The reported basic earnings per share (BEPS) is expected to increase between 205% and 225%. excluding the impact of VERPs and VSPs and the related tax benefit, HEPS is expected to increase between 10% and 30% and BEPS is expected to increase between 0% and 20%. ), has been posted to shareholders today, Monday, 25 July 2016.Shareholders are further advised that the board of Telkom has terminated the appointment of Nkonki Inc as joint auditors of Telkom following that firm? This rating action is in line with the government of South Africa? For commentary on detailed ratings taken on Telkom please refer to the Mood? Excluding the impact of VSPs and VERPs and the related tax benefit, HEPS is expected to increase between 0% and 20% and BEPS is expected to be between 10% lower and 10% higher than the prior year. s liquidity position and ability to withstand a sovereign default with a substantially greater cushion occurs. s interim financial results for the period ended 30 September 2016 (? The improved performance is due to our multi-year business transformation program.30 September 2015 prior period earnings (cents); Expected growth (%); 30 September 2016 expected earnings (cents)Basic earnings per share*Reported - 110.4; 205 ? 20; 321.1 to 385.2Headline earnings per share*Reported - 69.9; 370 - 390; 328.5 to 342.5*Normalised - 280.6; 10 - 30; 308.6 to 364.7The above earnings include the performance of BCX, which has been incorporated for six months compared to one month in the prior period. The audited provisional results released on SENS on 6 June 2016 were updated for subsequent events as disclosed in note 24 relating to the integration of Telkom Business and Business Connexion, and the allocation of shares in terms of the Telkom Employee Share Plan and share transactions of directors.

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s approximate 39% shareholding in Telkom as stated below: "To ensure the expenditure ceiling is not breached, we have decided to dispose of a portion of government? Telkom is not aware of any further details and will advise shareholders once further details become available. Profit attributable to owners declined to R2.2 billion (R3.1 billion).