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we have been successful in helping a client get not all that was awed to her but at least she got some money back.

If u are wanting help to with your case we are more than willing to help.

Thirdly, she calls the receptionist & makes unnecessary non work related work "I'm still not done with my assignment & must submit today" - Before anything else I asked advise because I had two cases & I needed advise as to which one of the two can we handle first....

I had called LHSA and cancelled the monthly legal service they offered me for R99 I was told all calls are recorded and it was confirmed that there was a 7 day cool of period I'd I change my mind.. I was promised telephonically that no debits will be taken off my account..

Good day, I am frustrated due to the facy that I have spoken to several consultants regarding my account that was handed over to legal department.

I have payed the outstanding amount but by accident I have put one diget wrong using my cellphone number as reference.

Now I'm told I'm owing R115 FOR Calling them requesting the letter I'm so fed up CREDIT WORX NIMBLE GROUP ITS THE WORST COMPANY STAFF VERY DISHONEST AND RUDE I have send my recission order which was granted by the court to Transunion more than 20 days ago.

They were suppose to clear my name since then nobody replied to my emails and when you contact them they say you will receive a ref number.

How is it possible that they are so incompetent labour law is not a registered company and are thieves who steel money.

Joseph's have got to be the worst company to deal with.

You are in desperate need of help for funds due to road accident injuries and they never get back to you. Be warned if you are looking for urgent and professional assistance with the RAF, Jospeh's is definitely not the company to deal with.

U can contact Samantha on 0836378415 or Jake on 0 ARE LOAN TRACKER aloud to black list you when it is there fault for not collecting a debit order and changing the date four to five times a year which is suppose to be taken on the 30th of every month for a year...

and now at 10 29 pm they send a email telling you have 24 hours to pay an amount that is there fault otherwise they will black list you?

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