Www datingrevolution com

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Www datingrevolution com

"You can pretty much divide India into pre-Tinder and post-Tinder era, where now, women don't feel awkward being on the site.

provides a platform for users to to express their unique identity and forge substantive connections.

But with improving healthcare the average lifespan today is 81 years old which means we have the chance of living another half lifetime after our reproductive work is done.

But this behaviour is new and at present we don’t know how the traits we prefer in our post-menopausal mate might differ from those we lust after in our 20s.

Until very recently the job of child bearing and rearing would consume our entire adult lifespan.

The women of 1900s Britain would, at the very best, have had a year or two of post-reproductive life in which to explore a world un-encumbered by their offspring.

Yet as cultural attitudes change, particularly among the younger generation (18-34) that make up about 50% of the nation's population, online dating is becoming more acceptable. Tinder launched in India in 2013 and saw some immediate success, particularly among urban youth.

But the dating platform's network really exploded over the last year, growing by 400% in India in 2015 alone according to the company.

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As a consequence, woman search for the indicators of strong genes and the ability to protect and provide which were crucial if our female Palaeolithic ancestors were to overcome the dangers of the prehistoric world and raise their children to maturity.

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