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There are instances of health problems attributed to endogamy on the island, including glaucoma and asthma as research by the University of Toronto has demonstrated.

All jokes aside, with a new coach – Eric Dooley and upcoming home games against Southern, Alcorn State(Homecoming), Alabama State, and Texas Southern this fall, it will be worth the drive up Hwy 290 to visit this jewel, located on the Northwest fringes of Houston.

"We aren’t expecting to cause extinction but we would like to put a hole in the population," he says.

This sort of talk, some might call it gung-ho, causes palpitations in the shooting fraternity.

Jacoby is what is called a contributing editor at the monthly magazine Sporting Shooter - the sort of title I thought they only had at Harpers and Queen. Recently he produced cut-out-and-keep plans for a home-made foam rubber decoy pigeon.

And despite going on to work with the station for seven years, as well as enjoying a successful stint on I’m A Celeb, the 32-year-old struggled like everyone else when she was starting out.

Speaking to The Sun she explained, ‘I’d get comments like: “Go and make some tea or coffee”.

Now that is a sentiment to which everyone can relate, even if they have never picked up a gun in their lives.

There is, as Jacoby says, a real annoyance with being bossed about in the country, not because all these agencies are necessarily wrong but because they are so damned pious and right, armed with their graphs and statistics and directives and mission statements and finger wagging that must prove they know best.

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Whether Jacoby can, or even wants to be the plain speaking champion of shooting in all its varied forms is another matter, but he shows all the right signs. Jacoby and his magazine have put in print what keepers, gardeners and songbird enthusiasts have been saying for years - that magpies are pretty nasty birds.

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