Wpf mvvm listview not updating

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To verify that the Sample Page project builds correctly The Sample Editor project provides an example of how to create a custom wizard page editor for the UDI Wizard Designer.

For more information about the Sample Editor project, see Review the Sample Page Visual Studio Solution.

For more information on those topics, see the UDI topics in , which is included with MDT.

UDI development allows you extend the features that UDI provides.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the development of Windows applications using: This guide provides the necessary reference information to help you customize UTI for your organization.

This guide does not discuss administrative or operational topics, such as installing MDT (which includes UDI), configuring UDI to deploy operating systems and applications, or performing deployments using the UDI Wizard.

This behavior allows you to create generic OSD task sequences, and then provide computer-specific information at the time of deployment, which provides greater flexibility in the deployment process.

The information is configured in configuration files or in databases (such as the Custom file or the MDT database [MDT DB]).A custom wizard page collects information in addition to or in place of the wizard pages that UDI provides.Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between the UDI Wizard Designer and the UDI Wizard. Relationship between the UDI Wizard and UDI Wizard Designer Figure 1.A UDI wizard page has methods that correspond to each stage (or phase) of the life cycle of the page.As a part of creating your custom wizard page, you need to override these methods with your code.

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