Women dating the aries man

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She craves peace and order while he brings turbulence in his wake. These two might do better as friends, but even then they need a lot of space from one another.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War, and to Aries a good fight is foreplay. An Aries man may find a Virgo woman attractive, but her sensitivity strikes him as persnickety and he has no patience for subtlety or discernment.

The connection between a cardinal fire Aries man and a mutable earth Virgo woman can strike a lot of chords, most of them discordant.

Virgo's urge to help and serve can become beaten-down subservience, while Aries' exuberant forward drive can easily turn into dominance and abuse.

Every Aries has a Libra Earth, so he has the potential to become sensitive.

In fact, if he is to grow as a person he needs to develop that capacity.

As the mutable earth sign Virgo can adapt but she adapts in her own way, and only one way will work for her in any situation. Her comfort zone is narrow, and she easily becomes rattled and disoriented.

Her Pisces Earth gives her the ability to navigate confusion and strangeness, but it is a big challenge!

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If she has a fire sign Moon or Ascendant, well placed fiery planets or other fiery indicators in her chart, she may be primed for adventure, but the typical Virgo's idea of a good time involves staying home within her comfort zone, either alone or with someone who knows better than to rock her boat.

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