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I was an Usher, and he was one of the conference keynote speakers.

The guy is a good catch by any standard - very charming, handsome, kind, generous and very wealthy.

He loved me, spoiling me with cash and gifts all the time.

I used to use public transport, but he gave me one of his cars and his second driver to be driving me around since I can't drive.

Then last night he called (I didn't pick up so it went to voicemail).

He said that he feels so ashamed of what he did (near rape), and that he couldn't even look himself in the mirror.

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Late last year I met a guy during an economic conference in Lagos.

He is also very gentle, humble and God-fearing, a quality I admire especially in men.A few days ago, I was at his house, and I couldn't control myself any longer.When he approached me and started touching me and kissing me, I lost control of myself and removed my panties.He broke up with me on the phone, his reason being that 'he is not deserving of me'.I have long forgiven him that slight- and my ignoring his calls was just to punish me, and I even feel at fault because I'm the one who allowed him to perform cunnilingus on me and left him to will still do what you want to do despite what advice you are given here..him go if you dont want to make love to him..cant keep taking off your panties for cunninglingus and saying no to him.like eating your cake and having it.

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I told him that the only person I wanted to have sex with was my husband.