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Witnesses jehovah dating

Do you know of ANY one who has been in this situation? How do you witness to someone who has returned to the JWs?Thanks to your materials, I now KNOW how to witness to her father but not her.Believe me, I want to write the truth to you and not pull any punches! Why did your girlfriend wait so long to decide to go back to the Watchtower organization? Why didn't she go back right after she was disfellowshipped?Would there happen to be any "children" involved in this relationship, or any on the way? Many JW women who have been disfellowshipped "wait" until they feel that their relationship with a man, is right at the edge of being engaged or right at the edge of marriage, to go back to the Kingdom Hall to attempt to get reinstated. Because they think that the man they are involved with will "follow" them right into the Kingdom Hall, and that the man in this relationship will fear losing the woman if he fails to do so.Even if she passed all the tests in getting reinstated, she will still be on a "probationary" period of one year "after" she is reinstated, which means, there will be certain privileges in the congregation she will not be able to participate in.

The other JWs in the congregation will say: "Look at the good fruit Jehovah is producing through this relationship!

No JWs can speak to her while she is disfellowshipped.

Her own father is not allowed to be speaking "spiritual matters" with her until she is reinstated.

I wasn't sure how I would discuss with her father on the issue.

I'm a little nervous about the study since I've never done this before!

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discussion Letter from a person inquiring about dating a Jehovah's Witness: Thank you for providing such wonderful and blessed materials to combat the cults like the JWs.

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