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He's incredibly insecure and can go from 0 to 60 on the nasty scale when things don't go his way. Mon Dieu the Adriatic Sea is so very beautifully on display this season. I think it was Malia's red lipstick smeared on his mouth, just like it was all over Adam's mouth. Flirting with every guy on the yacht, and then getting pissed at Lauren for being called out on it. Sandy was in the galley eating her toast, and Lauren came in and said to her, "Capt. Seems like a nice woman and I love her on the show but I don't think anyone expected her to have a huge personality and blow smoke up Andy's azz. He has said many times on the show that he is eager to learn from Sandy and to impress her. I agree that last nights episode seemed the most scripted but I also think that, more often than not, the guests are real. "I was so heavily medicated, but I remember what felt like the whole yachting community coming to visit me from the boat show. They brought candy, muffins, fruit baskets, and flowers. My stomach was too upset to eat."While recovering, the docs found she had Stage II Kidney Cancer. Hannar seems very sensitive and insecure in such a situation and I feel sorry for her that her staff don't say they have her back. She has a hard job, but running after the hot "Principa" is a bit much. I do like Sandra and I think she is funny but she isn't half as funny or talented as she thinks she is. A confident talented famous person with class knows how to mix in all different environments The fact that Sandy B is a lesbian shows you that there is a god. only the devil would make Sandy B a heterosexual woman and cause all that pain for her in the rejections from straight men for life.

I'm always amazed by people like this on reality shows who are such stupid famewhores they don't understand or even care how badly they come across. I'm really shocked that everyone thinks that Malia is so hot. The most embarrassing scene this season is the one where the former cheerleader chickie was telling Chef Ben (via Face Time/Skype) she missed him, three times, without his returning the sentiment! That said, there seems to be a drag in the story line, right now. i heard she does anal with charter guests As for Adam, why are girls so dumb, she picked the psycho. he will be taking a large gun on the next trip and executing everyone at see over onions Captain Sandy was a surprise guest on WWHL last night. totally dissed her by not extending her hand to greet the Captain. If CAPT Sandy knew everything going on that ship she would make them all walk the plank and start over with a new batch of crew. She comes onboard as 2nd Steward and right off she didn't support Hanner, her boss, when that slimy chef starts insulting her. Bugs is pretty creepy but Bobby laughing at his own jokes really bugs.

Sweet little Malia is an opportunist; this why she so quickly tossed the Chef to the side. Adam will get his revenge Not sure, but I think the reduced charter price is because the guests are on it for only a few days, not a full week, but still if I were to charter a white boat, I wouldn't want a film crew on board so maybe they actually do get a giant reduction if they're willing to be shown on TV as a bunch of drunk ass fools as so many of them are. The crew are all mad as hatters and CAPT Sandy is sitting on the bridge oblivious to most of what goes on. She was on the tacky yacht from two seasons ago so maybe it cost less? It was more about the ACT of cavorting, and not the actual incident. The guy probably thought that it was a good opportunity to get some camera time, and to throw people off the trail of him being gay. It was kinda cool that Lauren stuck up for Hanner on WWHL. Sandy is definitely "one of the guys." I love her personality best though, out of all the captains so far. I know that European date stamps are backwards as in 5 October 2016, but the season just didn't strike me as October. For a 30-something ex-grunger, Adam can't handle his booze. Dubrovnik and Split are both beautiful but Dubrovnik seems completely restored.

She wants to hook up with another charter, and Wes is her guaranteed ticket. Sandy's help.) Malia had expressed her ambitions in the season opener. What's left but for all the crew to grab knives and start slashing each other for a grand finale? She really Kate and Ben and thought they were fucking. I actually like all of the cast, except for Lauren. Seriously, millionaire in his 40's and he can't even find a female date to go on an expensive yacht trip. She's smart to side with her boss and not the rest of the bunch. I also loved seeing the two biggest assholes of this season, Bobby and Adam, eating their hearts out in envy and frustration over Wizz and Malia--albeit for different reasons. May would make more sense, because the weather could easily go from warm and sunny (on the earlier charters) to cold and windy on the later charters. Oh, and the city of Dubrovnik looked beautiful, but isn't that the same city that was bombed by the Serbs during that Yugoslavian conflict in the 1990's? It seems to have recovered nicely, and it looks untouched. However, it is super touristy, crowded and a little trashy.

Max is just cute and dumb, let's hope he doesn't turn out to be an asshole like Bryan. Bobby's back and he's even more deplorable than last season. all the gay billionaire trolls here in los angeles. watching this woman on tv , in just a few mins i recognized greatness . Pretty amusing when Andy mentioned how Letterman dropped SB as a guest. I'm happy that Captain Sandy is getting so much love here. She speaks of having compassion for people and yet she does not take any bullshit.

On WWHL when he was talking about how Hannah came on to him and he turned her down even Andy was disgusted by him. and yes, the most physically gifted of any of them. That lady is such a positive role model for the gay community. Captain Lee always berated his crew, and he never showed them any appreciation. Sandy guides her crew, and also gives them opportunities to learn from her experience. for sandra bernhard to snub her is just so typical of a hollywood z list celeb whos only real claim to fame is now she once was a girl pal of madonna, pathetic.

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Max Hagley is cute, dumb and friendly which can be fun too.

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