Who is leighton meester dating wiki

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Who is leighton meester dating wiki

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While setting up his display at the gallery, he meets Serena van der Woodsen, who is there to see Dan Humphrey.

He gives up after seeing her with Nate, and he dates Serena for two weeks, although he ultimately breaks up with her after she wears a shirt proclaiming her love for him in a fashion show.

Aaron eventually decides to commit to Serena only, and she is thrilled at the news.

However, her happiness is short lived when he reveals he is sober.

At Blair Waldorf's 18th birthday party, Serena meets Cyrus Rose; who reveals not only that Aaron is his son, but that he knows he's smitten with Serena.

After learning this, she becomes more comfortable with him (Bonfire of the Vanity).

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