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Sick or well, she struggled to keep going and keep working. But after becoming a name-above-the-title star in such movies as Just Married and .“The nature of this town is exploitive,” Simon told me.Brittany always felt the tri-level Mediterranean at the top of Rising Glen Road was unlucky.She wanted to start fresh in 2010 in New York, where they could start a family, Simon would find work as a screenwriter and director and she’d star in independent films that would revive her career. The electric power kept going out, and the backup generator failed.While Brittany dozed on the big bed beside him after midnight, Simon and Sharon talked about the practical aspects of their plan to move to New York.They discussed selling the big house Brittany had purchased in 2003 for .9 million, fully furnished, from Britney Spears, who had lived there with Justin Timberlake.When the final curtain came down for Brittany Murphy on Sunday morning, Dec.20, 2009, the drama played out in the one room in her Hollywood Hills mansion that had become her refuge: her bathroom.

She was knowledgeable about her body and what would exaggerate her height.” In the meantime, Brittany had learned to live with physical pain: Ever since a car accident shortly after came out in 1995, she had coped with a recurring ache in her jaw.Only later would I realize that much of what Simon told me — about his family, education, marriage and career — was exaggerated or simply fabricated.Simon wanted the book because he was convinced — before the autopsy report on Brittany came back — that she had literally died of a broken heart caused by the shoddy way she had been treated in Hollywood.“Her true fans, and young people coming off the bus, deserve to know the bubble can burst.” Simon was especially bitter at Warner Bros.because Brittany had been dropped as a voice actor on Happy Feet 2 after stories about illegal drug use appeared on tabloid websites.

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