Who is alana lee hamilton dating

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Who is alana lee hamilton dating

She receives similar comments about being an inspiration on her You Tube video of "This Is Me" as well as her music video for "Synchronize".

A key element in her creative growth is realizing her desire to continue to be a role model through songs that are age-appropriate and relatable to teenagers and adults alike.

Her two upcoming single releases, the infectious "Dream Out Loud" (due to launch on i Tunes August 6) and "Perfect Storm," are part of the multi-talented performer's dynamic new musical relationship with international recording star Thomas Barsoe, founder of The OC Hit Factory-a music academy, record label and critically acclaimed songwriting camp.

Barsoe, who has scored several #1 pop hits as an artist in Japan, co-wrote and produced both tracks, which will be released by Alana's own Alana Lee Productions.

The film is based on a true story about a dying man reminiscing about his family of nine children, ranging in age from 5-17.

Alana is cast as one of the kids, "Mary." Alana has trained with Sterling Studios Young Actors Group, attended Camp Bravo Acting, and has taken vocal lessons from Kelly Rice in Hollywood and Andy Boettner, in Newport Beach.

She's an A student taking all honors and IB classes who has been in leadership for two years and won the Presidential Scholar award and Top of the Tribe awards for GPA."Dream Out Loud" was written by Barsoe, Lars Halvor Jensen and Pam Sheyne, while "Perfect Storm" was penned by Barsoe, Jensen, Dixie Maxwell and Catrien Maxwell.Alana first sparked Barsoe's interest with her performance at Summerfest, a popular annual music event in Brea, California.The young talent from around Southern California coming together under Barsoe's direction is the ultimate driving force behind the academy's success.Although for her growing global fan base "Butterflies" has long been Alana's flagship song, the singer was thrilled to hear from one of her admirers on Twitterthat "This Is Me" was played along with other inspirational teen anthems during a special musical lunch hour at a middle school in England.

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Three years after sharing the ups and downs of young love on her popular debut single "Butterflies"-which earned the praise of famed pop culture blogger Perez Hilton and scored over 12 million views on You Tube-16-year-old Alana Lee is soaring again.

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