White label dating review

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White label dating review

Yes, this time, it’s like if they’d already poured some dry vermouth into some gin! It’s already got a nice dark straw colour, despite its young age. Well, I feel this one deserves 69 points, but no more. Long finish, getting a little woodier and dry after one or two minutes. The coastal notes really make me think of a young cask strength Bruichladdich, or perhaps a Clynelish or a Bunnahabhain. I especially like her songs 'Veni Vidi Vici', 'One Hell of a Life' and 'Marietta'.

I can’t wait to taste their single malt, to be launched in… From Germany: I’ve heard good things about this new Bavarian single malt. It’s distilled twice in a 450 litres pot still, and then aged in some new American oak casks exclusively. The palate is quite powerful, with some spirity notes, a lot of fruit (melon, gooseberry, kiwi, rhubarb) and quite some wood. What's even funnier is the fact that I saw this bottle in Turkey, just next to its 'regular' version. I like her songs which gather some slightly Celtic influences (no wonder, her name is Briton), some catchy folk-rock ala Natalie Merchant and a haunting voice.

Thanks Roman and Lex for having provided me with some of these… Like rum, Cachaça is a product of sugar cane and has a character somewhat similar to it, though somewhat drier. Same with French ‘pastis’, ‘anisette’, or even ‘absinthe’. A lot of vivacity and some complex fruity notes like lemon, tangerine, melon make their way through the anise. In short, I like him very much, and I’ll immediately order his strangely titled new CD, 'Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See'. Let’s pick an old 35cl bottle I didn’t open since September last year and that had been hibernating in the kitchen’s cupboard: the . Medium finish, on some pepper and white fruit notes (not too ripe pear). In short, a good Rosebank, but more in the Glenkinchie style. Bt W, just had a visitor in the swimming pool (see picture above). From left to right: Pat Bianchi on the Hammond B3, Terell Stafford on the trumpet, Jesse Davis on the alto sax and Alvin Queen himself on the drums. Miles Davis at Nice festival, more than twenty years ago!

Whereas rum is produced from the molasses made from the sugar cane, Cachaça is produced directly from the juice of the cane. Yes, very good when neat, but let’s add a few drops of water… Please do the same if you like Jim White as much as I do. Its colour is very pale, and the nose is very flowery (lilac, lavender, lily) and quite grainy and malty. Watch Pat Bianchi in the future, he's the less famous - and the youngest - player in the band, but he's absolutely great. Again, some orange juice, a little caramel, a little tannins an some notes of old cardboard.

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Glen Albyn - Glenallachie Glenburgie - Glencadam Glencraig - Glendronach Glendullan - Glen Elgin Glenesk - Glenfarclas Glenfiddich - Glen Garioch Glenglassaugh - Glengoyne Glen Grant - Glen Keith Glenkinchie - Glenlivet Glenlochy - Glenlossie Glen Mhor - Glenmorangie Glen Moray - Glen Ord Glenrothes - Glen Scotia Glen Spey - Glentauchers Glenturret - Glenugie Glenury Royal Time to go back to Europe now, before we have a final pre-Islay session tomorrow. It’s a bottle I brought back from China a few years ago. First nosing: peat and smoke, not unlike an Ardbeg. Grainy, dusty, perhaps a little more feinty with some burnt wood notes. Again, it gets bitter towards the end, and the finish is medium long, which is bad news. It’s even worse than #1 in fact, and I wouldn’t go farer than 50 points.

I'll try to put my hands on a bottle and report to you asap, promise. And just because Feis Isle is truly international, I decided to taste a few spirits from all over the world. Hints of spices (pepper, chilli) and green sweet pepper. The fact is, these anise-flavoured liquors are not meant to be nosed… Which doesn't mean his style is unconsistent - quite the opposite, in fact! Time to celebrate with my favourite summer malt: a young Rosebank. Gets a little grassy and dry, and a little dusty as well. Just came back from a fantabulous gig at Munster's Jazz Festival. I think I didn't listen to such a powerful set live since...

(WLD) was started in 2003 by Ross Williams, founder and managing director of web design agency Rawnet.

WLD was started as a means to maximise revenue from online dating by applying the ‘white label’ concept to dating platforms.

Very clean and fresh, most enjoyable, even if not utterly complex. Well, that makes sense, I guess some of the herbs they use are the same as the ones the Italians put into their vermouths. It smells like something between a good Irish and a Lowlander. This one’s made in California with a sixty litres Alsatian still. Quite fresh, with again some perfume, fresh apple, hot cake. Lots of fruit developing, like apricot, melon, guava and mango. The mouth is quite light at first, then it gets a little bitter and dry. Already in 2002 Busta Rhymes sang 'Pass the Courvoisier', and now Beyoncé dances amidst some bottles of Rémy Martin in his new video 'Naughty Girl'. Bt W, here are some lyrics from Busta Rhymes' song.

Yes, like a regular gin in which they’d already have poured some ginger ale… Perhaps they could just add a few olives into each bottle. At first nosing, it’s very fruity and seems to be quite complex. Again, nothing special, but it appears we’re stepping towards the 70 points or more this time. Malty, a little woody, but gets a little dry towards the end. As for names, I’d say Tobermory, Arran, Auchentoshan… You should listen to 'Beautiful Day' (mp3) which is far from being her best tune, but gives you a good example of her beautiful voice and singing. Nose: mellow, quite perfumy and strong for just 40%. - While Jim Murray shoots at Cognac as much as he can, and while the French think it's out of date, the American R'n'B singers have made the 'yak' (Cognac in US slang) their favourite drink.

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As expected, it becomes somewhat translucent, but not completely milky like pastis, ouzo or raki. You can listen to a sample of his playing on Retha (short mp3). I just happened to listen to Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund's jazz recordings with Bill Evans. I especially liked her great singing on 'Come Rain or Come Shine' or 'It Could Happen To You'. Weak finish – nothing to do with any of the poorest official Macallans.

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