When a widowed parent starts dating

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When a widowed parent starts dating

Things get even touchier when you put sex into the equation: It's hard enough for kids to think about their parents in bed together, much less you and someone else.Of course you shouldn't let those considerations stand in the way of your personal life. Even if there's no one special in your life, talk to your adult children about why you want to meet someone.

Make them feel secure in your love — and your concern about their welfare after you are gone. If that doesn't work, think about having a session with a family counselor to help handle the issues.

Sarah lived almost a thousand miles from her dad and never considered the simple reality that he was lonely.

After her dad moved in with his girlfriend, it took Sarah over two years to begin coming around again and to finally accept his loving partner. Sarah kept in touch with the girlfriend for several years, until she too passed away.

Tell them you'd appreciate it if they don't assume every person you bring home is "the one." And urge them not to be too quick to make judgments on the new flame. Go to a movie together or start having casual family dinners every so often.

Do not introduce a new person on a family trip or a major holiday. In advance of any get-together give your date enough information about your kids that he'll have something to talk about with them.

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Her father moved in with his girlfriend, and Sarah kept her distance.