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Your care provider may have you come to the hospital at this point. His movements may be a little different in the confined uterus, but they should still be present.If they seem to be decreased, or if you don't recall feeling the baby move, eat and drink something, lie down on your side, and begin counting movements for an hour. If the baby does not move ten times during that hour, call your care provider.Your uterus now has a peak blood flow of about one-half liter flowing through it every minute, preparing you and your baby for the physical trauma of birth.

At this point, if it is during office hours, your care provider may have you come in to check your cervix for dilation.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Girls on the Run-Sierras will receive 1% of all Panty Drop employee time and revenue.

I am extremely passionate about the organization as their mission closely aligns with ours - to inspire and empower girls to define and become leaders.” While women make up just over 50% of the population, they are severely underrepresented at the top of the corporate and public service ladders.

Panty Drop’s core beliefs align with Girls on the Run-Sierras through their work inspiring limitless potential, while staying true to who you really are.

“When I started Panty Drop, I knew I wanted to create a business that was about more than just great underwear, I wanted to help women get back in touch with their sexy side while also making a difference,” said Julie Arsenault, Founder and CEO.

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Partnering with brands like Honeydew Intimates, Commando, Cosabella and Hanky Panky, Panty Drop has subscription plans that offer a great mix of style, comfort, and quality.