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I had enough of married life, and now being alone for long 5 months, without sex, I was hornier than ever. Although he was 22 years old, he seemed so young to me!He was almost 7 feet tall, a beautiful tanned muscular body, and he smiled like an angel with that hot Hollywood smile of his!Vicky felt a bit sick but Simon’s hand impaled her head more and more persistently on his growing dick.And his tender whisper was drawing her attention away from unpleasant sensations in her throat.While I knew he was on his way, I went to shave my pussy. It was hard to shave without occasionally sticking my fingers in my still wet pussy, but the next time I would come, I wanted it to be with him. ” “Keep sucking my cock, that’s good, suck that head. ” I kept telling him I was his horny cock craved bitch.

Simon put his hand on her head to make her move in the rhythm that was the most appropriate for him to enjoy the process… It couldn’t go into her mouth fully and was gradually penetrating her throat.When Victoria moved in she was very excited as everything seemed so new to her. Simon took Vicky in his arms as she could not walk: her knees were weak. Monica’s bed was to the right and now it was covered with a sheet which was moving up and down rhythmically and they could hear hard breathing and moaning from under it…Soon she made a lot of friends and felt pretty comfortable living in this place. She read a lot and visited library almost every day. The disc went inside and a minute later the students started watching a porn movie. When she came to her senses Monica and Roger had left and Simon offered her to drink the love… However, Victoria could hardly understand what was happening. Her legs, arms and head didn’t obey and she felt really grateful to Simon when he seated her carefully on the bed and began undressing her skillfully. Victoria couldn’t stop smiling being really happy she could have entered this university. And she was going to move into the dormitory tomorrow. However, she was interested in this crazy world of students living together!She’d heard a lot about it from her sibling brother who used to study here before. Vicky was to live with a girl from Germany whose name was Monica.

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