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Therefore, it is extremely crucial for a macro lens to be as sharp as possible to be able to capture and resolve as much details as possible. While reviewing the images shot on the camera backscreen, it was evident that the 60mm F2.8 lens is sharper than the 50mm F2 lens, perhaps by a small margin, but the difference was visible, and there was no slight hesitation for me to have a strong impression that the 60mm was the winner.This was just a quick mental comparison I made while I was shooting on the field, and may not be conclusive at this point, because no side by side real comparison at 100% view on gigantic computer monitor screen to justify such claims. Moiré pattern can be seen on the butterfly's eye and dragonfly's eye respectively.The amount of liquor individuals can bring across a provincial boundary for personal use is set to at least double, following a deal struck at the Council of the Federation meetings in Saint Andrews, N. Quebec MP Christine Moore will remain in the NDP caucus and resume her parliamentary duties after an independent investigation found she did not engage in sexual harassment or abuse her authority as an MP, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said today.

Perhaps, a lens being too sharp is not necessarily a good thing all the time after all.All images in this entry were taken at Orchid Garden and Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur.The main subject of this shooting session was insect macro (which also includes spiders). Zuiko 60mm F2.8 is a dedicated macro lens, it was only appropriate to test it for its intended purpose that was specifically designed for.Do bear in mind that the following technique is only employed for high magnification images more than 0.5x magnification on the Olympus M. 4) General camera settings: Shutter Speed from 1/60sec to 1/125 sec (to capture a little bit of ambient light, if possible for a more natural look), Aperture from F/5.6-F/14 (to control and maximize depth of field required), ISO200.The wonder of macro photography is the ability to reveal the tiniest of details, opening up a whole new world that the human naked eyes cannot see. When I was shooting with the 60mm macro lens, I almost thought I was using the 50mm F2 macro lens instead (probably due to the very similar focal length, 60mm vs 50mm).

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I was faced with a situation where tripod was impractical.