Weatherlink not updating wunderground

Posted by / 27-Jan-2020 23:28

Weatherlink not updating wunderground

When you send your data to it is displayed with graphs and tables which can be easily accessed by anyone on the Internet.

The information is also archived so weather history is available. First, you need a weather station that supports computer connections.Once you begin sending data, it will show up almost immediately at If your data is not showing after about an hour, double check your weather station's settings for sending data.However, if the station ID you requested has already been reserved for another station, we will suggest a unique station ID for you.Yes, we allow you to assign multiple weather stations under a single account.

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Can I use the same station ID that I use at another weather service? I didn't receive the e-mail with the link to confirm my registration and activate my account. Now that I have signed up, how do I start posting to PWSweather? And, finally, you need to register at to post your data. If you want to post your data to the PWSweather servers you will also need to register with us.

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