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I have no clue who mine are, and for all I know my husband could be one of them (unlikely since we are from different areas, but possible).

This is a great idea but instead of 23andme there are more legit tests that are specifically made to determine genetic risk.

It was something absurd like via second cousin's half-brother's uncle's nephew, but there you were, we were 'related'.

Without missing a beat, we proceeded to then look up how I'm related to the president, and the prime minister, a world-famous model, composers, and other famous people in the country, and wouldn't you believe it, I was related or 'related', however distantly, to literally all of them.

Any OBGYN or fertility specialist can help you with this, and while they're more expensive than 23andne, they are also more accurate. I don't think that's something where you would have to be worried about birth defects.

Incest birth defects generally come from the fact that people who are closely related (siblings/1st cousins/immediate family) have very similar genetics so they don't have enough variety and any mutations or abnormalities are almost definitely going to get passed on.

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