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The Super Facile 40 also has programmable print position on the page.

It offers total silence between printing operations.

It is also useful at the security gate, where you can record in and out times of vehicles at the ticket gate.

It can also print through up to 6 copies of NCR multiple sets. Programming for printing complex designs is available at extra cost. It can print variable character widths of 16-35 characters per line.

Price on application This machine can print any of: time, date, automatic number, text, logo or signature of your choice. Printing from ribbon cassette in red or black is triggered by either pressure on the feed table, freely positionable trip-switch or foot pedal.

In any shop when in and out times of orders/deliveries are needed, this machine is ideal.

It is useful as well in dealing rooms, where the time the deal is struck needs to be recorded precisely and the transaction numbered.

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