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I caught up with Vlad, insolent and stoned voice, he asked: - Where, dear, hurry? - Vlad, we seem to have everything figured out, let me pass!

Currency: VND Language: Vietnamese Visas: Complicated and fast-changing: some nationalities need a visa in advance for all visits, some don’t (for 15-day stays).Try to keep calm and consider arranging a massage after a long journey.Be aware that Vietnam has more than its fair share of scams; most…Food: Locally sourced and seasonal, complex and refined, Vietnamese food is perhaps Asia’s greatest culinary secret. For the Vietnamese, a meal should balance sour and sweet, crunchy and…Money: ATMs can be found throughout the country, even in small towns, though charges for withdrawls can be quite steep.In general cash is king in Vietnam, though credit and debit cards can be…Top Tips for Your Trip Prepare yourself for the crazy driving: traffic can come at you every which way, and in the cities swarms of motorbikes reach biblical proportions.

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