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We figured that we could use two views per table: a vertical slice through the table for picklists, and a horizontal slice, a single-record updateable view for updating the data.(See Figure 1.) But in practice, as development got under way, we discovered that the number of views required was going to be many more than two per table in most cases.Unfortunately for our client, he had never programmed in a Windows-compliant development language before, let alone object-oriented VFP! We were employed as contractors with technical expertise to assist our client to produce the new Windows version of his application – one that would be able to transparently store data in VFP tables, or a SQL Server database.The project was subject all the usual challenges of this type of development effort: it took longer that we thought; we found better ways to do things as work progressed and ended up re-working stuff; he had never worked with other programmers before and some of his ideas were strange…statements throughout the source bracketing platform-specific code) running transparently on the different databases platforms.

In this way, we hoped to be able to enable the application to switch from using VFP tables to SQL Server data by just configuring it to open a different DBC.

It was either that or they would find another application vendor.

Not surprisingly, our new client started looking for a suitable development platform, and chose Visual Fox Pro, largely due to the marketing material that (rightly) promoted this feature.

We experimented with SQL Passthrough (SPT) and discovered that for many read-only queries it was noticeably faster to use SPT than to use an equivalent remote view.

We obtained the best performance by mixing SPT for miscellaneous queries with remote views for updating data.

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My company was introduced to a new client who was embarking on an ambitious task: that of writing a new 32-bit Windows version of his successful DOS-based, non-Xbase vertical-market application.

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