Vba custom function not updating steve dirks dating

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Vba custom function not updating

NET addin, or XLL addin, but each of these approaches has their own difficulties, which I plan to cover in a future post comparing Excel UDF Technologies.

Update A useful idea about handling the problem in Automatic Mode comes from Francisco Aller Labandeira.

What makes it even funnier is if your user tries to select all the cells to delete them, look at what happens: All the cells get filled! On a serious note, you can modify this example to prevent people from entering data into a certain range.

This makes a pretty good april fools jokes for school or work, if you’re brave enough to do it. This is good protection if you don’t want to lock your sheet. You thought it was impossible to change another cell using a custom function, didn’t you?

A few years back I was having trouble working out why VBA UDFs ran so much faster on my PC than on someone else’s system (I think it was Jan Karel Pieterse’s).

To make this happen requires the VBE to send a message to the Windows screen handler and the window containing the VBE gets refreshed: This is a CPU intensive operation: on my system I created a volatile do-nothing UDF (using Excel 2010 32-bit): And entered it A1: A10000 (ten thousand cells).

He suggests adding this code to the Workbook module.

Private Sub Workbook_Sheet Change(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Range) If Application.

(By the way this bug is present in all versions of Excel from Excel 97 to Excel 2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit).) If Excel is in Manual Calculation mode you can trap all the keystrokes that trigger a calculation, and initiate the calculation from your VBA code. Calculate Full End Sub Sub Full Depend Calc() Application.

You need calculation subs and keytraps for Sub Sheet Calc() Active Sheet. Calculate Full Rebuild End Sub Unfortunately I do not know of a way of bypassing the problem using VBA in Automatic Calculation Mode.

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