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Of the many projections available, none is perfect.

All of them distort some aspect of the globe in the necessary trade-off between these properties.

Nor are the parallels extremely curved, as on the Lambert conformal conic (figure 5) and Albers equal area projections (figure 6), which are commonly used to map the conterminous United States, as well as other mid-latitude regions.

This is an important consideration for Web maps like this one that are designed to be viewed at multiple map scales which relate to the zoom levels on the slider bar in the interface.

MAPS of the world have the impossible task of portraying the Earth—a three-dimensional shape—on a flat sheet of paper.

Mapmakers have to choose a projection of the globe that approximates the basic properties of shape, size, direction, distance and scale.

At the smaller scales (e.g., ,000,000) the label placement along the graticule is not a big problem because you are viewing a larger geographic extent and the ability to see the central part of the map helps you align the entire visual display as “north-up”.This results in Africa, which sits across the equator, appearing smaller than high-latitude Greenland when it is in fact 14 times larger.The “Greenland problem” has long been recognised, even outside professional cartographic circles. This column displays the latitude and longitude in a single projection, using the WGS84 cartographic method.Projections are a way of representing the three-dimensional Earth, in order to make it appear correctly in a web browser and show all the required parts of the world.

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Most online maps use the Web Mercator projection, mainly because it produces simple, loadable, map tiles for efficient rendering on web browsers.

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