Updating table with integer values using jdbc in servlets valdosta state university dating

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to make such type of Result Set object you need to write the following code. You need to specify only the Column name or index no of the table.For example- result String("Column Name");, result Int("Column Name");, You can update the database table from the result Set object as - Statement statement = connection.create Statement( Result Set. CONCUR_UPDATABLE); result Set.first(); // Setting the updating String result Set.update String("Name", "vnay"); // Updating the first row result Set.update Row(); An Example given below illustrate the above explanations, At first create database named student and then create a table student in the student database as CREATE TABLE student ( Roll No int(9) PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, Name tinytext NOT NULL, Course varchar(25) NOT NULL, Address text ); Then insert the value into it as NSERT INTO student VALUES(1, ' Ram', ' B.It highlights the method to incorporate Java in the Oracle 8i database using JDBC.The various methods of using JDBC starting from the querying and returning of resultsets to executing DML from the Oracle 8i database are described in detail. A case study is presented to illustrate the concepts.java JDBCExample Connecting to a selected database...

Initially the cursor point before the fist row of the data. If there is no any row present in the result then it returns the false value.This section gives a brief outline of JDBC and the various JDBC drivers. The details of the case study used to illustrate the various JDBC concepts throughout are presented.JDBC provides a standard interface for accessing a relational database from a Java application regardless of where the application is running and where the database is.In a real application you’ll just replace the string constants we’ve used with variables that you obtain from (a) an end-user or (b) an input data source.objects to reflect your own database configuration.

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anyway, if you want to 'convert it to jsp/servlet', you should re-write your code.

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