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Maintaining the most current versions of all your drivers is the foremost way of making sure your pcs effective performing constantly.

Among the most classic scenarios when a driver scanner is actually imperative is the moment you undergo a windows upgrade, and wish to get all your personal computer hardware and devices perform at their best capability for the new operating system.

To do that, follow these steps: After you’ve disabled automatic driver updates, you can remove your current driver and install older Nvidia driver.

For more information on how to uninstall graphic card drivers, have a look at our previous solution.

If you've had any issues with the built-in SD or SDXC card slot for Windows 10 then these latest drivers and Boot Camp updates will help out.

With Apple's continued support of Boot Camp for Windows 10 we should see updates in the future to address any trackpad issues or battery life problems that some Mac owners have noticed after installing Windows 10.

Solution 3 – Download display drivers from your laptop manufacturer If you’re having Nvidia driver crashes on your laptop, it’s advised you uninstall your current drivers and download the latest ones from your laptop manufacturer.

Few users reported that installing drivers from their laptop manufacturer’s website fixed Nvidia driver crashes, so if you own a laptop, make sure to download display drivers from your laptop manufacturer.

Many Windows 10 users enjoy in multimedia on daily basis, however, you might experience certain issues with multimedia if your graphic card driver crashes.

Solution 4 – Disable i GPU in BIOS Sometimes Nvidia driver crashes can be caused by your integrated graphic card, therefore make sure to disable it from BIOS.

To do that, follow these steps: Solution 7 – Uninstall your antivirus In some cases, your antivirus software might cause Nvidia drivers to crash, so if you’re having any problems with Nvidia drivers, you might want to disable or uninstall your antivirus software.

When the correct setting triggers conflicts, or maybe stops several drivers from sufficiently working with others, make an effort to duplicate the options as administrator.

When everything else fails have a look at the driver installation software.

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Many users reported Nvidia driver crash on Windows 10, so today we’re going to resolve this issue.

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