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If the specified directory does not exist, it will be created.If you want to control the location where SQL Workbench/J stores the configuration files, you have to start the application with the parameter -config Dir to specify an alternate directory: file is not intended to be edited manually.Most of the errors comes from a CMSIS header file named core_cm3.h or similar.Copy a CMSIS based project from the present version, and use that project as the base to where you application is added.It also has no effect when running in batch or console mode. In this case no quoting is needed (because no delimiter is part of the parameters value).If any of the property values contain a comma or an equal sign, then the whole parameter value needs to be quoted again, even when using a colon.After this operation, the user can login to his account without any further problems.

When you see the message shown in the screenshot below: click on the [Reset to expired] button, it will generate a new random password, update your account and mark it as expired.

The default is and so on) then the name of the connection can be defined using this parameter.

The connection name will be shown in the title of the main window if SQL Workbench/J is started in GUI mode.

For this case, we consider two scenarios: – If the secure_auth server option is disabled, you can login and update your password.

You may also need to enable the allow old_password option in the Workbench advanced options tab for the connection.

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The advantage of this method is, that SQL Workbench/J does not need the files If this parameter is set to true, SQL Workbench/J will try to detect uncommitted changes in the current transaction when the main window (or an editor panel) is closed.