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Complete overhaul of themes in the new edition, far more consistent transparency in borders, panels, widgets, pop-up menus.

Background theme now uses the same standard theme the rest of Makulu editions use, therefore you have this beautiful dark charcoal look.

"Now sporting a unique three panel system that allows the user complete control of his system without even needing to minimize a window.

This release is 64-bit with EFI support and offers the Constructor tool to re-spin your own custom ISO.

The new version, which is built from Debian and Ubuntu packages, ships with the Cinnamon desktop environment and a theme designed to make former Windows users feel at home.

It acts and functions just like a normal bottom panel, and it makes use of a multi mode system.Download (MD5) the live DVD image from Source Forge: Makulu Linux-10-Xfce-x64(1,897MB).Jacque Montague Raymer has announced the release of Makulu Linux 10.Please note that anyone wanting to change the theme need to change it for both user and root.Plenty of widgets, themes, styles and colours have been added to this edition allowing the user to customise the look easily to his own preference and taste with plenty choices at his finger tips.

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