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Here’s the basic syntax: (Also checkout SELECT in books online for advanced syntax).

SELECT select_list [HDEV: INTO new_table_] FROM table_source [HDEV: WHERE search_condition] [HDEV: GROUP BY group_by_expression] [HDEV: HAVING search_condition] [ORDER BY order_expression [ASC | HDEV: DESC] ] Q15) What is a Join and explain different types of Joins?

Hi, I have a very small lookup table that is linked to a larger table.

Q14) Write down the general syntax for a SELECT statement covering all the options.

Types of joins: INNER JOINs, OUTER JOINs, CROSS JOINs. Check out BEGIN TRAN, COMMIT, ROLLBACK, SAVE TRAN and @@TRANCOUNT Q17) What is an extended stored procedure? An extended stored procedure is a function within a DLL (written in a programming language like C, C using Open Data Services (ODS) API) that can be called from T-SQL, just the way we call normal stored procedures using the EXEC statement.

OUTER JOINs are further classified as LEFT OUTER JOINS, RIGHT OUTER JOINS and FULL OUTER JOINS. Yes, you can instantiate a COM (written in languages like VB, VC ) object from T-SQL by using sp_OACreate stored procedure. Triggers are special kind of stored procedures that get executed automatically when an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operation takes place on a table.

ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. Q10) What part does database design have to play in the performance of a SQL Server-based application? When building a new system, or adding to an existing system, it is crucial that the design is correct.

Ensuring that the correct data is captured and is placed in the appropriate tables, that the right relationships exist between the tables and that data redundancy is eliminated is an ultimate goal when considering performance.

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A developer must investigate volumes of data (capacity planning), what types of information will be stored, and how that data will be accessed.