Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

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Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

Any doubts whether or not this is a great game, go here.If that's not enough to make you splooge then you must not like 4x games.It's like typing on a membrane keyboard--no tactile response, and I find it quite annoying.I have also noticed a couple of irritating tooltip failures.The rotating planets and moons and stuff really look great. Maybe I just dont have the skills yet but they are kicking my ass for the most part. I've seen civs boxed into just one or two habitable planets and pretty much stagnate and I've seen entire Civs prosper because they grabbed that Class 19 planet with tons of special squares. I havent gotten a chance to do a whole lot of combat but from what I've seen it looks cool.I could use a few more polygons on the ship parts but overall it looks fantastic for a 4x game. Oh and for some reason my sound doesn't work at all.

They cover outfits like Steam and Game Tap, in addition to the ever popular Xbox Live.

One thing that really bugs me is how many of the widgets do not have sound associated with them.

E.g., pressing a button to select a ship docked at a planet has no 'blonk' noise coupled with it.

When Valve decided to embrace digital distribution, they didn't do it in half measures.

The retail version of the game that shipped to stores was more like a formality to appease Vivendi Universal Games, Valve's megalithic publisher: for , gamers got a box containing five discs inside a sleeve.

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But this makes all your planets devote X% of their cash to military production, even newly settled colonies which SHOULD be building farms.

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