Updating formica kitchen countertops

Posted by / 29-May-2020 01:04

Updating formica kitchen countertops

I resurfaced the kitchen counters, added new drawer pulls, and whipped up a DIY backsplash.And since I still hadn’t shared the tutorial for how I resurfaced the countertops (for less than ), I figured I would share that today.With over 200 colors and styles to choose from, there is a Formica option for every visual palette.In 1998, Kuehn Bevel, partnered with Formica to make the very first beveled edge product for a laminate countertop manufacturer.It happened BEFORE the coating was fully dry (I think early on day two) when I sat something on it for an hour or so and then picked it back up, along with the paint. Laminate kitchen countertops first became popular in the 1950s, but they’ve maintained a time-tested appeal in the 21st century through innovative style and design, as well as for affordability.

I used painter’s tape around the fridge, the sink, the backsplash, and underneath the countertops.

BUT if you’re willing to put in the elbow grease, it’s definitely worth the investment.

It is far, far, FAR cheaper than replacing your countertops, even in a larger kitchen where you would need multiple cans of coating to complete the job. UPDATE: I painted the counters about two months ago now (as of 9/6/17) and they’ve held up really well, with the exception of a tiny 1/2 inch area near the lip that chipped off.

It will be dry to the touch within hours, but if you put stuff back on the counters too soon, it can cause chipping, etc.

So, wait the full 3 days if you can, before using the counters as normal.

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