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First of all thanks for such a fantastic reply, actually this more of a question, I am not quite familiar with the syntax of i Rules, the above i Rule that you suggested will check for the header size of 32768 but will this only log the headers that are 1k? Rephrase my second question: Any disadvantage of this i Rule?

Basically we've set the header size to 65536, but I need the i Rule to start logging in once the header size reaches or exceeds 50k so that I have enough time to adjust the profile. I have talk to an engineer regarding to implement this i Rule, I need you advice as he mentioned: 1)When thought about this logically you shouldnt be able to analyze a http request exeeding the maximum header size allowed using an i Rule, when maximum http header size is exeeded F5 simply drop that request and send a RST to the client.

(Non http traffic bypassed at F5 level) After we putting live production traffic to platform, there are lots of HTTP header size error logged and causing the F5 stop sending traffic to one of the pool member. You can then determine whether the request is malicous, from a poorly designed client or incorrect web app behavior. If we disable “Maximum Header Size” checking, will it cause security issue? This setting can't be disabled, but you could set it to a very large value.2)Is "Maximum Header Size" applicable to only client http request? 3)TMM check on the packet's "Header length" for the size or TMM does calculate on the header size?4)Regarding your reply on question (4), it thought it can be disabled by uncheck the check box in Local Traffic - *my_http_profile* ? Increasing the max headers size in the HTTP profile will force TMM to allocate more memory to store the HTTP headers though. Need input from your security point of view, what value is best approach?Note that the HTTP profile setting for Max HTTP headers size must be greater than the actual request's headers in order to avoid being reset and trigger the HTTP_REQUEST event.

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