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Updating dbox2

That seems strange because OSCAM1 shows global/unique emm's being written to both readers.

It is only shown to unregistered visitors or members that haven't made any posts. We design and manufacture cutting-edge motion systems intended for the entertainment and industrial markets.To create an exceptionally engaging experience, we carefully craft the most realistic, subtle and precise motion vibrations and patterns.If you want your cards to be updated better setup something that does work. group 1,2 set user1 with access to group 1, user2 to group 2 only. Only Oscam still sends EMM's only to the card 'used to decode the channel' maybe there should be an option to always accept "all emm's"?Connect to oscam with both user (user1 user2), and you will get your cards with UA, so now you can send emm's to both cards. I don't know how oscam's dvbapi handle emm's with two newcamd reader, with the same caid (and ident). It works with c378x: STB1 views on STB2 with 2 nearly similar cards (same provider 01006C) both cards gets updated. This way expired cards can be revived without a 'supported' decoder!

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