Updating clause used in instead of trigger example updating sql 2016 name

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Updating clause used in instead of trigger example

Statement-level triggers on a view are fired only if the action on the view is handled by a row-level rule, then whatever statements are emitted by the rule are executed in place of the original statement naming the view, so that the triggers that will be fired are those on tables named in the replacement statements.Similarly, if the view is automatically updatable, then the action is handled by automatically rewriting the statement into an action on the view's base table, so that the base table's statement-level triggers are the ones that are fired.Instead-of triggers can control Insert, Delete, Update and Merge operations of the View, not the table.Yes you heard it right, you can write an instead-of trigger on Views only and not on tables in Oracle database.has completed); or instead of the operation (in the case of inserts, updates or deletes on a view).If the trigger fires before or instead of the event, the trigger can skip the operation for the current row, or change the row being inserted (for conditions, although the feature is not so useful for them since the condition cannot refer to any values in the table.

This can only be specified for constraint triggers.Modifying a partitioned table or a table with inheritance children fires statement-level triggers attached to the explicitly named table, but not statement-level triggers for its partitions or child tables.In contrast, row-level triggers are fired on the rows in affected partitions or child tables, even if they are not explicitly named in the query.If multiple triggers of the same kind are defined for the same event, they will be fired in alphabetical order by name.When the triggers on plain tables (not foreign tables).

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