Updating an unlocked iphone 3g adult sex dating in goss mississippi

Posted by / 27-Feb-2020 09:34

Updating an unlocked iphone 3g

So for i Phone 2G owners who care only about keeping their unlock — not about jailbreaking — you can take this update right now.

Oh we have a very good news for all those Windows users out there.

Today the i Phone 3.1 update was released to the public. A guide on how to unlock i Phone 3.1 this will be up later....

The cat and mouse game between Apple and the dev team continues. Update: In fact, until a lower-level ("hard") unlock comes out, yellowsn0w users should *always* avoid official updates — they should only update through custom firmware IPSWs made through our various pwnage tools.You will now be able to unlock the i Phone 2G/3G right away without having to wait for the Redsnow tool.Pwnage Tool 3.1 was released earlier today by the dev team but the fact that it can only be used by Mac users and leaves no ticket for Windows users seems a little unfair, so we made things a little easy for you.As no Ultrasnow is needed, so you already done with everything. The Unarchiver can be used on the Mac to join the files and uncompress them.Note: Please test and give us your feedback in the comments.

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