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Updating a wardrobe

I’m going through a process of updating my wardrobe but with a busy summer and a Eurotrip on the horizon, my clothing allowance is a bit tight.Luckily, updating one’s wardrobe doesn’t have to start with a lot of dough.Check seams, look for tears and buy clothes made out of long-lasting, comfortable materials.“The more you thrift, the better you get at finding good materials like silk, wool, good-quality cotton, or polyester that is really nice,” said Lyman Waldron.

If you’ve got a busy schedule, or are just someone who always intends to drive to the consignment store but never actually makes it, there several smartphone apps that allow fashion-loving shoppers buy, sell and ship clothes from home!Since Lyman Waldron now lives near Boston, she said it’s important to circulate the clothes in her closet for the upcoming season.She evaluates her secondhand selection and decides which pieces may need a new home and which clothes she still loves.“I look back at my Instagram to remember and see which (outfits) I am still excited about,” she said.“(Thrifting) can be overwhelming, so if you have a piece in mind – like a shirt – you’ll know where to start,” she said.“But if you don’t, you can end up just drifting around or find yourself overwhelmed and leave with nothing.”She shared the time she focused on coats. Someone took the time to sell or donate the items to give them a new life in a new closet, and it’s important for everyone to do the same.

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After college, Leah Lyman Waldron began secondhand shopping out of necessity while living on a volunteer’s wage in Mississippi.