Updating a meade 497 controller Non premium number sex chat

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Updating a meade 497 controller

Updated my ETX80 autostar unit and the msg stated: this update will not update your handset!!! Thx As far as I know, all of the comands that come out of a 494 to the telescope are the same as with a 497.The update was successful but nothing doing on the handset. In all the scopes that I have used, the two handsets were interchangable.The database is immediately accessible on the Auto Star II display.

The system is complex, and for my money, it is more complex than it needs to be.

Even if you still have your standard hand control, you can replace it with the Audio Star™ to upgrade any of these scopes to the latest Audio Star™ technology.

The Audio Star™ cannot be used to upgrade the smaller #494 hand control used in Meade entry level scopes or the 145,000 object database Auto Star II hand control used in LX-200 scopes.

As a long time heavy user (10 years) of the original 497 AUTOSTAR with my Meade LX90 scope, I was disappointed when the handbox failed.

Research revealed that the old tried and true model had been replaced by an enhanced device, the AUDIOSTAR which comes complete with a voice and a process for determining the direction of north.

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