Tyrone crystal dating belfast

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Tyrone crystal dating belfast

Does anyone remeber Lizzie Loughrans shop in California Street?I would like to know if anyone remembers the famil and better still if they have any old photographs.Tom Irivine - June '08 Hi B Tumelty I came from Stanhope Street, I left there in 1960 but I still remember Bridget and Lena Mathews from the street. M Fitzpatrick - June '08 Hi B Tumelty Was your granny Bridget Mathews? I have many happy memories of running all the way from Upton Street to Smithfield with sausage and egg sandwiches and a billy can of tea for my daddy and Uncle Robert then on a Saturday at the end of the day sitting on hand cart as it was wheeled back to the yard in Gresham Street for the night.You mention Miss May and Miss Mc Cormack - do you remember Miss Brennan Mr Mc Kenna that's going back a while! Alos had an aunt and uncle in Cal,ifornia Street, Maggie and Willie Thompson.I was in SMITHFIELD maybe twice or three times in the mid-seventies (buying the bits for a crystal set) before it disappeared but the memory of its treasure trove of odds and sods stays with me as I'm sure everyone who's been there will appreciate. I have the fondest memories and affection for the Belfast pepole and especially the "Hill" North Queen St, Sailortown. Now I live in Toronto, but the heartlives in Northern Ireland.I'm a big fan of the current version of Smithfield. I went to St Anthonys, Millfield started in 1948 at 4 years of age left in 1952. I have seven brothers and three sisters and my father all alive. Manny Magaiodh - June '08 Attenion Maggie Carvey Murphy Brown came across this site accidently for all information on pound Loney ie Cinnamond st. Slan Manny Emmanuel Conway -June '08 Catherine Brown Holden, I have come across a photo which I'm sure is your Uncle Rabbie at his fruit stall in Old Smithfield around about the late 1960s. The Photo is on the Belfast Forum Kathryn - June '08 Hello, I am trying to find Patrick Brown, who grew up in Unity flats, his sister was Olive Brown. Does anyone have any information that can help me find them?

Would I be right in saying that they lived on top of the pub a the top of the street, Paddy and Kathleen?Eventually Joe Brown ran it on his own as Desi had his own bar and the other brothers who had worked for O'Kanes undertakers, opened their own undertaking business. we would have played a game of cards in it for hours.One of the stories about the place was that it once served the fastest pint anywhere as it was alledged that the beer was scooped up from a bath in a pint glass.I've been in London for about a decade and have only recently been back. I sent an email a couple of years ago similar to this but it didnt make the press. As I got older it was the motorbike shop, cannot remember it's name, bought my first Honda there.I'm interested in talking about this SMITHFIELD / TELEGRAPH / CARRICK HILL area and my dad remembers it all in photographic detail while I'm lacking the visual fill-in for his tales. I feel lucky to to have been in Belfast in the 1960s.

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We lived across the road in number 37 and our name was Loughran.

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