Transas senc updating

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Transas senc updating

Transas thinks so and recently announced a new ‘Pay As You Sail’ chart solution for Electronic Navigational Charts.The announcement comes after succesful sea trials and verification by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).TRANSAS PORT SENSOR RECORDING & PLAYBACK SOLUTION This solution can be added to enhance a Transas or any other manufacturer VTS solution.

It also allows remote support and maintenance on the Transas ECDIS which increases safety onboard. 10 Base Maintenance Service of TX-97 Format Charts . 11 Professional Maintenance Service of TX-97 Format Charts . Transas PAYS is a service for accessing chart licenses and corrections online together with the ECDIS.‘Pay As You Sail’ communicates via Transas Gateway firewall for licensing, corrections and sending chart reports.

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