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AHP’s mental health expertise is the bedrock upon which we have built dozens of pioneering programs.We offer a broad range of services including therapy, support groups, crisis intervention, psychiatric care, substance abuse services, and HIV counseling and testing.And it is only a matter of time before they discover the true nature of their loverboy.Traffickers use enticing offers such as employment or travel to lure vulnerable people into the hands of those who will exploit them.These people will pay for their own flights and arrive in the country legally with all their documents.

This happens mercilessly during the acquirement period to break the spirit of trafficked victims.In America, women make up 91% of sex trafficking cases and 57% of labour trafficking cases.Refugee camps are also targeted by traffickers as they are an easy way to acquire victims.The UCSF Alliance Health Project backs its mission with capacity and creativity to help LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities construct healthy and meaningful lives.Founded as the AIDS Health Project in 1984, AHP has proven its commitment as one of the longest-running mental health organizations in the world for people with HIV- and LGBTQ-related concerns.

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As long as trafficking remains profitable, difficult to detect, and hard to punish, traffickers will create new ways to exploit their victims.