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Totally free sex chat no tokens required

If you disagree maybe you can ask an American Indian what he thinks about the assertation that sexual degeneracy will lead to extinction. Every time you use an indoor toilet, get running water from your sink, cook your food on a stove, turn on the air conditioner on a hot day and get food out of your refrigerator you are enjoying the benefits of men who used their sexual energy in a productive way.

The decadent over-indulgence in sex is a one-way ticket to Failure village with a layover in Stagnation town .

Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; All night having sex.” What we have here is a classic case of over-indulgence in sexual energy with no focus to harness that power into advancement.

The American Indians lived in this land for thousands of years with no advancement.

When the White Man came (with his sexual energy focused and directed) he found the Indian still living in Teepee's, not wearing clothing, shitting in the forest, and living like savages.

An un-focused, sexually open society is a society that cannot survive the long term.

He also noted that Love must be included in the sex relationship. With too much un-focused sexual energy a man has no purpose or direction.

You may have recently filed for bankruptcy, or perhaps you were out of a job.

Maybe you had some unexpected medical bills to cover, or you went through a divorce.

Sex is the number one reason we, as men, do anything.

There are a lot of reasons to be down on your luck.

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They don't have to, this kind of behavior will bring women to them without any additional effort. For years I used to dream and devise money making plans but they failed 100% of the time.