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Sadly the project has been dead for a few years and its list of tracker sites is completely outdated while also not being fully compatible with newer versions of Windows.Thankfully there are a few alternatives available that are a bit more up to date and allow you to search more recent sites, here’s 3 for you to try out. Bit Che Bit Che is a quick and simple tool that searches a number of popular bit torrent sites.Right clicking on a tracker site allows you to go to its website and if there is a problem with the search, you can edit the search script if you have a bit of experience.The number of supported trackers to search for torrents is quite large at around 60 sites, but about two thirds of them are registration only sites and 20 or so are free for everybody to search through without going to the related website to create an account.And then you might run into region restrictions on certain sites like The Pirate Bay which may mean you can’t get onto the site from your country without using workarounds such as a VPN.

Torrent tracker websites only host the .torrent file which you download and load into a torrent downloading program such as u Torrent.

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Almost everyone with a computer has heard of Bittorrent and how this peer to peer file sharing network continues to be one of the main sources for users to get nearly any type of files they are after.

Although the application itself hasn’t been updated since 2008, the scripts which contain the information about the trackers is more up to date although not totally new.

There is a beta version 2 currently in development which you can test out and have a look at in the Bit Che forums.

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