Tips dating independent women

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Tips dating independent women

Independent women are fierce, complex beings, but we have a soft, gentle side, and we make great partners.

When you take the time to really get to know us, you’ll appreciate us for the complete, multi-dimensional, unique women we are, and realize how lucky you are to have us by your side.

Women come in all sorts of personalities, and being in a relationship with different women will feel differently each time.

Being in a relationship with a strong, independent woman can be an amazing thing.

An independent woman has no problem with telling you exactly what she thinks and feels, even if it can be awkward or uncomfortable.

Loving an independent woman can also be one of the most fulfilling things.

Of course, eating and living in a clean, organized home are important to me, and I respect women who take pride in maintaining their homes, but my time and energy are much better spent writing, teaching, running my business, or helping a friend in need.

I am fully committed to my partner when I'm in a relationship.

Trying to micro-manage my schedule or constantly asking for updates on my whereabouts are major turn-offs.

When something has upset her, or if she has upset you in some way, she’ll always reach out to you to make things right.

When she feels as if something needs to be made right, she’ll always make sure that there is time to talk about it, and for both of you to talk about your feelings.

I want someone who will encourage me and celebrate my success who is also strong enough to have my back and catch me when I fall.

So, no matter how much I project the image of self-sufficiency, the honest truth is that I need a man.

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