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To change the Times and Dates to your own local settings then simply edit your 'Forum Preferences' through your Member Control Panel Menu, and set by how many hours the time is offset from your own local time.The Forums are not designed to adjust between standard and daylight saving times, so you may need to adjust the time offset in your Forum Preferences during these months. Back to Top You may not need to register to post in the Forums, it is up to the Forums Administrator as to whether they allow you to post in the Forums as an unregistered user. If you are banned from the Forums then this may prevent you form logging in, in which case check with the Forums administrator.To reset your password click on the Login button and at the bottom of the login page you will have a link to the lost password page to request that a new password be emailed to you.If this option is not available or you do not have a valid email address in your profile then you need to contact the Forum Administrator or a Moderator and ask them to change your password for you.The Sci DF team is composed of young motivated professionals from the scientific, communication and managerial fields.So far over 60 people from over 40 different institutions have collaborated in our team and you may be the next one!

We are working on those issues by bringing people from different backgrounds together and organising debates, interactive case studies, campaigns, workshops, social events and much more. This ensures we can take your remarks into account for a next event. Attendees are kindly requested to fill out the evaluation webform, if they have not yet done so at the event.Back to Top Ranks in the forums indicate which user group you are a member of and to identify users, for example, moderators and administrators may have a special rank.Depending on the setup of the forum you may be able to use different features of the forum depending on which rank you belong to.

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