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Of course it also helps if you’re 6’3″, one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, and have a long line of comatose heavyweights stretching behind you. Jack Dempsey: Dempsey’s reputation for ring ferocity preceded him and proceeded to leave many of his opponents with a sudden urge to pack up and go home.

Bolstered by his scowling visage, this intimidating reputation no doubt had much to do with “The Manassa Mauler” racking up an astonishing 60 first round knockouts (including exhibition matches). Roberto Duran: The fighter they call “Manos de Piedra,” or Hands of Stone, gave off such an unmistakable aura of ferocity and violence that it unnerved even the most talented of boxers.

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Some may look at these types of projects and say there is no control.

Iran Barkley: A former gang member and survivor of countless street rumbles, Barkley’s face was a dark visage of total menace. Stanley Ketchel: A true destroyer of the ring, “The Michigan Assassin” brought a cold-eyed glare, a contemptuous sneer, and one of the hardest right hands in boxing history into the ring, and when facing the total package, his opponents often felt more than a bit weak in the knees. Thomas Hearns: First, the incredibly tall (for a welterweight) “Motor City Cobra” would look down and fix you with that intense and piercing stare of his.

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Our beat writers asked hundreds of players to weigh in anonymously.

Intimidation can come in many different forms: aggressive body language, rippling muscles, obnoxious trash talk, or the cold stare that sends chills down another’s backbone.

Whatever way it’s manifested, the objective is the same: to force a crack in the opponent’s psyche through which fear can enter.

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Those of us who play at golf somewhat seriously understand that the game is almost entirely mental.

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