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” Hank Perez guessed that his wife Olga would say the strangest place was in their car on the freeway, but when the wives were brought in to provide their answers to the same question, here is what transpired: The clip was notably different in several details from the urban legend that had been circulating for years at that point, however.The overwhelming majority of people who claimed to have seen episode air reported that the couple was black, and that the woman’s response was “That would be in the butt, Bob” (or some similar dialectal version, such as “That’d be the butt, Bob,” “Up da butt, Bob” or “It be the butt, Bob”).Yes, these books are ridiculously titled and the interior is just as bad in terms of content, but these are some of the more decent books.Despite dealing with these hilariously absurd topics, they only skim the line of pornographic while giving the reader a good romp through comedic gold garbage. So, my rebuttal is, why are you touching a turd while instead you could simply just laugh at it?

No matter where I go, it’s mentioned three or four times a day. I’m going to write a book and call it That Would Be in the Book, Bob.

Even the Senior Editor of Drunks and Dragons here on Geekly Inc, the one and only Steph Kingston, came on to GLBB, read and reviewed that same book.

At this point, I could have written my own book called, “Pounded in the Ear by Chuck Tingle’s ‘Pounded In the Butt’”. Chuck Tingle’s genre spreads itself wide, from “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” to things such as “Angry Man Pounded By The Fear OF His Latent Gayness Over A Dinosaur Transitioning Into a Unicorn.” Before we continue, I’m going to head you off at the pass here.

The Newlywed Game, a game show in which newly-married husbands and wives were separately asked the same questions and had to predict how their spouses would answer, was a staple of American television for over twenty years.

It aired in a prime time network version from January 1967 to August 1971 and ran during the day from July 1966 to December 1974.

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(Contestants have given all sorts of stupid, hilarious, and racy answers on the Newlywed Game over the years, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Bob Eubanks failed to realize that this one answer would become stuff of legend in years to come.) Tired of being asked constantly about something he didn’t remember ever happening, Eubanks developed a standard “reward” response as a way of trying to get people to stop with the same old question already.

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