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The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star posted a picture on her Snapchat that has gone viral of her snuggled up to her co-star Lil Fizz.

At the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Fizz was in a *particular* mood.

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Soulja Boy might be all up in the news lately, and he might even be kicking it with Brittish Williams but his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley doesn’t seem to be losing any shuteye over it.

Whenever we could get away from the hustle bustle of daily life we went on treks.

This is …We all cherish memories of going to the movies.

She is Nia Long who was born as Nitara Carlynn Long in New York, in 1970.

Goes somewhere – so it is necessary, and point) I I catch myself on the fact that open smile. It's risky, could end badly, · Chat Rooms without registration - Chat786 Ankita Sisodiya. Are you associate girl, We covered the lamp with red cloth and room fell exciting setting.

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In today’s world we see a lot of pampering of children which is making them go far away from many valuable aspects which the earlier generations have been taught by their elders.

Because of joint families in the earlier days, people us…Saket, me and Krishna, we are childhood friends. The thing that bonded and still binds us to one another is our enthusiasm for adventure.

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