Technorati feed not updating

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Technorati feed not updating

I am going to look at how valuable Technorati is to searchers, bloggers, and advertisers, then I will do a critique of Technorati from the perspective of a searcher.I will use the blog search engine Bloglines as a benchmark for my critique, but most of it will be some of my own findings while touring Technorati to find some user-generated comment. If you’re familiar with the blogosphere, then this quick data won’t surprise you: a hundred and seventy thousand blogs go online daily. All about Technorati I hardly ever review products or sites I do not like.Technorati ranks blogs based on time updated, not on relevance (this was my major sore point with the engine).

You don’t have to write a thesis; five lines could warrant an update.

This is quite doable despite the fact that it seems a lot of bloggers cannot optimize or believe blogs can’t be optimized.

Claiming and Optimizing Your Blog for Technorati If you own a blog, you go to Technorati’s home page at , register your blog and include a description and keywords to describe your blog.

One way is by you outputting a full feed via RSS or Atom.

However, according to Kevin Marks of Technorati, it is preferable that you use an Atom Feed.

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If you have country specific content, list the country in your key word.