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We made this series to end this ignorance about the African past, to reveal how Africans not only shaped the history of their continent, but also how profoundly and how extensively Africa has shaped the contours of our modern world.

Beginning deep in the continents past with the origins of Homo sapiens and the Out of Africa migration of all of our human ancestors from east Africa, Gates vividly paints a picture of the earliest African civilizations from Ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush to the end of the 19th century as Africans faced Europes infamous Scramble for Africa through their artistic and cultural achievements, their religious practices and political and social structures.

Further, Africa was an epicenter of Christian theology and philosophy, reflected in the influential thinking of early Christian theologians like St.

Augustine of Hippo in the 4th century, and in travel accounts of such Islamic scholars as Leo Africans and Ibn Battuta.

Africa is the ancestral home to the human community and to many of the pivotal breakthroughs in the history of civilization, yet the continent continues to be stereotyped as an isolated and underdeveloped region in the mind of outsiders, devoid of any profound historical achievements, says Gates.

The program will also be available for digital download.

April 20, 2017 PBS Distribution announced today it is releasing AFRICAS GREAT CIVILIZATIONS on DVD and Blu-ray, the latest three-part, six-hour documentary series hosted, executive produced and written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

In the new documentary, Professor Gates travels the length and breadth of Africa to chronicle the continents history from a firmly African perspective.

Sloan Foundation, the Gilder Foundation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS. Season Three and BLACK AMERICA SINCE MLK: AND STILL I RISE.

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